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Together the AGT team has a real ‘make it happen’ attitude. Our people are empowered to find ways to make life better for everyone, our venues, our communities, and our people. 

Sparked your interest?

Moving societies is a big decision. We are keen to work with venue operators who know what they want. if you approach us there will be no hard sell. We will be open with you and share all we can about what makes us tick and what makes a great society.

We will be looking for the same from you so we can work on how best to work together.  And it goes without saying, we will be discreet.

If you’re thinking that Aotearoa Gaming Trust might be your ideal business partner, then get in touch with us.


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Venues Supporting your Local Community

  • 95% of funds raised at your venue are spent in your area on a wide variety of community organisations. Your efforts will support sport, education, arts and culture, community, health, and welfare.
  • 5% of the funds are used to support national organisations that provide benefits to all New Zealanders.

Supporting Local Business

We use local suppliers for goods and services whenever possible. We also encourage funding recipients to spend their funding locally. This widens the benefits generated via your venue right across your community.

Regional Representatives

We have passionate, skilled, experienced staff located throughout the country assisting you with all things gaming. Get in touch with your local Aotearoa Gaming Trust Regional Representative here.

Gaming machine

Our Gaming Machine Suppliers

We pride ourselves on providing the most up to date gaming machines available, which are updated on a regular basis and are fully supported by our network of expert machine technicians.