What we Fund

Aotearoa Gaming Trust is a proud funding provider to a wide range of community groups and charitable causes within New Zealand.


To apply for funds from Aotearoa Gaming Trust contact our Grants Team here


We are always open for applications that benefit the community. In most cases, applications are processed within 20 working days. Requests for grants of $30,000 or more are reviewed at the next available monthly Board of Trustees meeting.


The Trust, is required under the terms and conditions of our license issued by the Department of Internal Affairs, to return at least 40% of gaming machine proceeds to the community. AGT strives to exceed this 40% requirement by returning even more to the communities in which the funds are raised.

Learn more about the impact our grants have in the community

Youth looking at the camera smiling


Aotearoa Gaming Trust is heavily involved in the funding of many varied community groups from large national organisations through to smaller local groups.  We support salary and operating costs as well as specific project costs.

Ambulance health care


Aotearoa Gaming Trust provides funding to a variety of support services, research projects and institutions, all of which contribute towards improving the health of New Zealanders.

Ballerina dancing


Aotearoa Gaming Trust funds a wide range of arts organisations and programmes in the fine, visual, and performing arts sector, including festivals, exhibitions and installations. Funding can also be awarded to meet the needs of existing cultural and artistic institutions.

Kids on camp


Aotearoa Gaming Trust is a proud sponsor of a variety of educational causes, from kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, and colleges, to many other educational institutions across the country.

Person playing rugby


Sporting activities remain an integral part of Kiwi life, and Aotearoa Gaming Trust provides funding to a wide range of community sporting groups for equipment, travel and operating costs.