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Aotearoa Gaming Trust Funding Policy

Section 109 of the Gambling Act 2003 requires a corporate society that operates mainly to distribute net proceeds of class 4 gambling to the community to, at least annually, review the criteria, methods, systems and policies it uses for consideration of applications for the distribution of net proceeds.

Aotearoa Gaming Trust funding policy is reviewed annually.

Aotearoa Gaming Trust funding policy document (provided for download below) provides a would-be applicant organisation with an overview all the relevant information around both the duties and responsibilities of both the Trust and themselves.

Applicants are encouraged to download and carefully review the terms and conditions of funding, covering items such as the preparation of funding applications (with accompanying documentation), required auditing of funds after they have been awarded and other useful guidelines affecting the funding process and general criteria for funding.

Download Funding Policy (includes conflict of interest) (PDF)


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Complaints Procedure

  • Complaints regarding unsuccessful grant applications should be made directly to the Trust in the first instance. Complaints that cannot be resolved with the Trust can be referred to the Secretary for Internal Affairs, at PO Box 10-095, Wellington 6143.
  • If the complainant believes the Secretary has not investigated the matter satisfactorily, he/she may complain to the Gambling Commission at PO Box 3310, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140.
  • Complaints about the conduct of gambling in any venue, or the conduct of the Trust can be made to the Secretary for Internal Affairs.
  • Contact details for the Trust are available on the contact page.