Friday 19th November 2021

Access to Funding

AGT is in the process of changing our online Grants management system from the Fluxx system to COMS Grants Management. The new online Grants Management System will go live in mid-December 2021.

In order to make a successful switchover, we not be processing any new applications into Fluxx. We are aiming to have the new COMS system up and running by mid-December. Access to the Fluxx system will ceased at noon on 19th November 2021.


Please note:

· Current applications that have been fully Submitted in Fluxx will be moved across to the COMS system by AGT staff.

· Applications not submitted and in a Draft state will be withdrawn by AGT staff. We would ask that you resubmit new applications into the COMS system when that goes live.

· Outstanding accountabilities will be able to be processed by AGT staff until Monday the 29th of November.

· The Fluxx system will be turned off on Tuesday 30th of November.

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